The Pacific

About the Book

The stories of The Pacific and Other Stories cover the author´s customary wide range of character, place, and event — from a woman waiting for her husband as he fights in the Pacific, to an opera impresario on the canals of Venice, to a young girl who defies a Latin dictator, and thirteen other tales as well. Like those in A Dove of the East and Other Stories and Ellis Island and Other Stories, these are distinguished by gravitas and brilliance that in effortlessly running together make art. But The Pacific and Other Stories represents the author´s mature production, and the stories therein reflect this in their weight, depth, and a beauty that is now more searing than exquisite. Justly attacked for violating the conventions of the new literature and upholding those of the old, these short works are masterful extensions of the classical form and yet as fresh and new as if it had just been invented.